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Tropes for the Round Table

Authority Equals Asskicking: The strongest being King Arthur, followed by Lancelot and Bedivere to Gawain and Mordred on down. Skewed somewhat due to Bedivere being the only remaining mortal/non-Servant.
Back from the Dead: With Bedivere as the exception. Potentially Arturia, as she isn't quite dead yet.
Badass: Knights of the Round Table. Of course they're going to be badass.
Badass Cape: The Knights in their Round Table uniform cloaks.
The Call Left a Message: Uther left Caliburn in the stone for the next king to claim. He abandoned Arturia, but she claimed it anyway after he died.
Cast Full of Pretty Boys: Enough Bish┼Źnen to make an otome game out of.
Chronic Hero Syndrome: None of them are capable of turning away a helpless victim in need of defending. Even Mordred, though her morality teeters on the edge between Lawful Evil and Lawful Neutral.
Comes Great Responsibility: The Round Table was a reverse hierarchy, where knights were considered servants of the people, with the king being the servant of the entire country.
The Fettered: The Eight Virtues of the Chivalric Code.
The Four Loves: The Knights were intended to exemplify agape.
Heroes Prefer Swords: Most of the Knights prefer the sword, though a few excel at other weapons.
Hidden Depths: None of the Knights are entirely as they seem. Even Gawain.
Honor Before Reason: Played with. Arturia, Lancelot, and Bedivere, (and possibly a few others) while honourable, were more than capable of ruthlessness when they felt it was necessary.
Knight in Shining Armor: The beginning of the trope itself.
Lawful Good: With only one exception, and it wasn't Mordred.
Let's Fight Like Gentlemen: Many of their legends centre around this. The practice continues even as Servants.
My Greatest Failure: Nearly all the Knights believe they were responsible for the downfall of Camelot and defeat at Battle of Camlann.
Nice Guy: Most of them generally are.
Nothing Is The Same Anymore: Once the Knights began dying.
Officer and a Gentleman: Though the Knights of the Round Table were the highest-ranking officials in Arthur's court, they were expected to act with courtesy even to commoners.
One-Man Army: Just about every Knight has his own story of one adventure or another, often taking on foes that whole armies couldn't defeat.
Red Baron: King of Knights. Left Hand of the King. Knight of the Sun. The White Knight. The Round Table was practically Sobriquets R Us.

Arturia Pendragon/King Arthur/Saber

Action Girl: Self-explanatory, really.
Badass In A Nice Suit: Her civilian clothes.
Battle Ballgown: The blue dress beneath her armour and Skirt over Bloomers.
Beneath The Mask: Even casting aside her femininity and disguising herself as a man, Arturia was never able to completely bury her delicate, shy, girlish side.
Bifauxnen: In her civilian suit, complete with Tomboyish Ponytail.
Big Eater: Not so much when Sakura was her Master, but after transferring her command seals to Bedivere, Saber has had to compensate for the downgraded prana supply.
Broken Ace: Flavour #2.
Broken Bird: Arturia was forced to sacrifice her tender girlish side to become the stoic king she was known to be.
Defrosting Ice Queen: Has been gradually defrosting since Unification, though especially after contracting with Sakura.
Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Transformed Caster during the Grail War, later Dagon in Innsmouth.
Ermine Cape Effect: Applied this almost constantly throughout her rule, leading to rumours about her inhumanity as a king.
I Choose To Stay: Even after giving up her first wish and the Holy Grail, Arturia chose to remain in the multiverse and serve as a knight for various heroic endeavours. Likewise, she since made a new wish: to be reunited with the rest of the Round Table Knights.
I Did What I Had to Do: Her occasional ruthlessness during her rule.
Idiot Hair: The infamous ahoge.
Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Even after the bitterness over Kiritsugu's betrayal, Arturia remained pure at heart, if cold and aloof before contracting with Sakura.
Heroic Self-Deprecation: The whole reason for becoming a Servant and seeking the Grail. After Iskander's The Reason You Suck Speech to her during the Grail War, Arturia came to believe that the only way to save Britain was to allow a different king to take her place, convinced that she wasn't strong enough of a king to prevent its destruction.
Jeanne d'Arch├ętype: Much to her and Jeanne's bemusement.
Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: See Battle Ballgown. Especially when she dons the cape gifted to her by Agrias.
Kuudere: Type 1.
Lady of War: Her fighting style is often described as "a deadly dance."
Lethal Chef: Averted. Saber learned to cook reasonably well thanks to Sakura's lessons.
Light 'em Up: Excalibur's light-based attacks.
Lightning Bruiser: Saber-class Servants are generally prized for their all-around good battle stats, though their strength and speed are more often than not well above average.
Lonely at the Top: Arturia said as much to Iskander and Gilgamesh at the Feast of Kings.
Muscles Are Meaningless: The source of Arturia's strength is in the Core, a special magic circuit Merlin implanted her with using draconic blood. Even before she became a Servant, she was capable of feats of strength which would have been otherwise impossible for a girl of her stature.
Not So Stoic: During the Grail War, at the Feast of Kings. Now, generally around Bedivere or something involving him.
Older Than She Looks: Thanks to Caliburn and later Avalon, she stopped aging at 15.
Power Glows: Excalibur when activated.
Prim and Proper Bun: Her typical hairstyle, with a Braid of Action around it.
Razor Wind: Bounded Field of the Wind King, when used offensively.
Royals Who Actually Do Something: When not leading her armies into battle, she was directly overseeing the running of her kingdom.
Samus is a Girl: Having hidden her gender to rule as King Arthur because the people would not have accepted a female heir to Uther.
Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Her original wish for the Grail.
She Is the King: King Arthur, specifically.
Sugar and Ice Personality: Typically stoic, but beneath the exterior is actually a surprisingly sweet, even slightly shy personality.
Sword Beam: Excalibur's Mana Burst attack. Also Caliburn and Rhongomynyad (albeit a Spear Beam) when they were in her possession
Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Arturia is a genuine tomboy, which made masquerading as a man considerably easier than it otherwise would have been. But she most definitely retains some girly aspects.
Tranquil Fury: While she doesn't become jealous precisely, bugging Bedivere when he clearly doesn't want to be is a surefire way to earn her ire.
Waif-Fu: Thanks to her dragon blood Core.
Walk on Water: The Blessing of the Lady of the Lake.
The Woman Wearing the Kingly Mask: Arturia stifled not only her own feelings, but nearly her entire personality to both hide her gender as well as present an image of a perfect king that the people could have confidence in.

Sir Bedivere

Adorkable: His former Function was "Sir Adorkable."
A Father To His Men: Due to his commoner upbringing, Bedivere sees every one of the troops assigned to him as his equal brother-in-arms and treats them accordingly, inspiring great loyalty in his men.
Armor Is Useless: Played with. His Camelot armour has taken some serious abuse and protected him from worse injuries, but it very much shows the abuse it's been put through.
Badass Bookworm: He received a noble's education, and is extremely skilled at logistics and tactics.
Badass In A Nice Suit: In his modern clothing.
Badass Normal: In a cast full of ridiculously-powered Servants, Bedivere manages to hold his own.
Bad Dreams/Flashback Nightmares: Frequently plagued by these from being the Sole Survivor of Camlann. The treatment for them is a source of continued embarrassment.
Beneath The Mask: For all his cold stoicism, Bedivere has an extremely gentle, painfully shy centre.
Berserk Button: Insulting Arturia's honour? Not a good idea. Hurting her? Nice knowing you.
Beware the Nice Ones: Bedivere is unfailingly polite (if occasionally snarky) and a Martial Pacifist, but you really do not want to hit that Berserk Button.
Bodyguarding A Badass: Hardly a slouch in the Badass department, he's nevertheless overshadowed at times acting as King Arthur's self-appointed bodyguard.
Braids Of Action: Possibly playing with Celtic culture's Braids Of Barbarism. He has four.
Can't Hold His Liquor: All it took for Bedivere to become Unsuspectingly Soused was a single horn of mead.
Covered with Scars: Though a masterful tactician, Bedivere didn't get away from his battles unscathed, and has all the scars to prove it; from fifteen-year old marks to more recent ones.
Cultured Badass: Bedivere is not only well-educated and intelligent, but extremely well-read for a man of his era. Moreover, he can play several musical instruments due to being the son of a filidh.
Dandere: Painfully so.
Deadpan Snarker: Bedivere's sense of humour is extremely subtle, joking with a completely straight face, as Sir Kay found out.
Dented Iron: Bedivere's taken a lot of physical and mental abuse over the years from all sides. Even now, he's still recovering.
Determinator: Everything Bedivere has accomplished has been through sheer strength of will. In fact, it was the only thing that kept him going in the five years after Arturia's death.
Extreme Doormat: He's very good at faking this. Except when it comes to Arturia, then it's completely genuine.
Four-Star Badass: The only one who outranked him was the King herself. That did nothing to blunt his badassery.
Frontline General: Owing to his commoner background, Bedivere doesn't consider himself any more important than even a footsoldier, often in the leading edges of charges himself.
Genius Bruiser: As the Marshal of Camelot, his tactical abilities are without equal.
The Good Chancellor: Bedivere acted through an unspoken agreement with Arturia that he would be the charitable arm of the king, bringing relief to the people when she could not.
Good Is Not Dumb: While his skills and strength are nothing to dismiss, what makes Bedivere really dangerous is his gift for tactics.
Good Is Not Soft: Occasionally, Bedivere has been forced to do ruthless things for the greater good. He isn't above making examples of people, either.
Heartbroken Badass: Arturia's death messed him up. Badly. Only being reunited with her in the multiverse brought him back from the brink. In fact…
Heroic BSOD: Basically anything referring to Arturia's death still causes this.
Heroic RROD: A regular occurrence, thanks to Bedivere's mortality. It's the only way he can keep up with beings like Servants, or level the playing field in the multiverse.
Heroic Self-Deprecation: Only Arturia seems to be able to match him in the self-depreciation department.
Kuudere: Type 1.
Lightning Bruiser: In a kingdom full of awesome knights, he was regarded as one of the more awesome examples.
Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Just look at that beautiful white hair. He looks enough like Arturia in some ways that he's often mistaken for a woman.
Martial Pacifist: Bedivere hates war and fighting, but he will still do what is necessary. Picking up a weapon is a last resort for him.
Not So Stoic: His mask cracks rarely, but when it does, it usually has something to do with Arturia.
Politeness Judo: Navigating the dangerous waters of Camelot court politics made him extremely adept at this.
Shell-Shocked Veteran: After Camlann, he becomes this.
Sole Survivor: Even listed on the trope page as an example. Bedivere was the only survivor of Camlann, and suffers greatly because of a combination of survivor's guilt and PTSD.
The Stoic: He gives Arturia a good run for her money in this department.
Stoic Woobie: He nearly has his spirit broken several times, but he wouldn't even think about complaint or self-pity.
Sugar and Ice Personality: Much like his King.
Survivor Guilt: As the Sole Survivor of Camlann, Bedivere constantly questions why he alone survived.
Warrior Poet: He was born to a filidh family in his homeland of Dal Riata, and can still play several instruments. He also possesses a love of music.
Weak, but Skilled: The only non-Servant of the original Round Table Knights, Bedivere therefore lacks the supernatural strength, speed, and abilities of a Heroic Spirit. But he's still a Knight of the Round Table, and anyone underestimating his incredible skill does so at his own peril.

Sir Gawain

Adorkable: Gawain's goofiness and big-heartedness are very endearing.
Boisterous Bruiser: Frequently cracking jokes even in the middle of battle, of varying degrees of cheesiness.
Brave Scot: Half-Pict on his father's (King Lot) side.
Bunny Eared Lawyer: As big of a dork as he is, Gawain is very, very good at his job.
Cloudcuckoolander: Gawain has a propensity for almost Monty Python-esque "logic".
Combat Medic: The Knight of the Sun, in addition to the requisite badassery of being a Round Table Knight, is a skilled physician, with extensive knowledge of healing herbs and preparation of medicines and antidotes. The unfortunate downside is that he has no skill at normal food preparation whatsoever.
Defeat Means Friendship: To the Green Knight.
Dork Knight: Much to the consternation and chagrin of the other Knights.
Failed a Spot Check: It took Gawain a very long time to figure out that Bedivere became Arturia's Master. Strangely, he didn't miss the cues of their Relationship Upgrade.
Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: There aren't that many people Gawain actively dislikes.
Lethal Chef: Owing to his skills as an herbalist and Combat Medic, Gawain simply cannot create a dish simply for the taste, frequently getting measurements wrong. The results are unfortunate for nearly anyone who samples his cooking. (Except for Kagenashi)
Power Glows: Excalibur Galatine when activated.
The Power of the Sun: Gawain is nigh-unstoppable…but only during business hours.
Sword Beam: Like Excalibur, Excalibur Galatine uses light.
You Killed My Brothers: To Lancelot after he accidentally killed his brothers to save Guinevere from execution. The fact that he refused Lancelot's plea to join the Knights at Camlann continues to be a regret Gawain hopes to correct by winning the Holy Grail.

Sir Mordred

Attention Whore: Much of Mordred's motivations had been to properly get Arturia's attention; at first the good kind, later even bad became acceptable following her rejection.
Bare Your Midriff: Her Stripperific former civilian clothes. Not so much as Heroine X.
Berserk Button: Don't call her "lady," "girl," or suggest she's feminine in any way.
Bifauxnen: When she wears masculine clothes.
Blood Knight: There aren't many things Mordred likes better than a good drag-down fight.
Blood Magic: Clarent Blood Arthur, Bloody Ahmar, etc.
Calling the Old Man Out: Her entire rant after Arturia's Heroic Self-Depreciation World of Cardboard Speech, demanding that Arturia make her proud to be her son again.
Cast From Hit Points: Clarent Blood Arthur causes her great pain. Bloody Amhar only makes it worse.
Cloning Blues: She's Arturia's magic-created clone.
Dumb Muscle: Not only being Younger Than She Looks and having the mind of a Woman Child as a result, Morgan's twisted upbringing of her meant that Mordred is nearly completely clueless when it comes to social cues, making her something of a Tyke Bomb.
Even Evil Has Standards: There are still many despicable things which Mordred will refuse to stoop to.
Grand Theft Me: Bloody Amhar can take control of Mordred, turning her into even more of a murderbeast than normal. Swallowing a god of rage did nothing to help.
Hair-Trigger Temper: Her Berserk Button is easy to press.
It's All About Me: She is, admittedly, rather self-centred…
Jerk with a Heart of Gold: …But she's not a complete monster.
Muscles Are Meaningless: Like her "father", Mordred's Waif-Fu is possible due to her magic circuits. Even before she became a Servant, she was capable of feats of strength which would have been otherwise impossible for a girl of her stature.
Our Homunculi Are Different: Homunculi in the Nasuverse are not made from the dead or body parts, but are instead biological constructs made through alchemy from template genetic material.
Scary Impractical Armor: Awesome-looking, yes. But how she manages to move in it is anyone's guess.
Tomboyish Ponytail: Even in her armour, Mordred's hair is tied back into a messy one, with a couple of Braids of Action for good measure.
Tsundere: Some might think her a yandere, but no.
Unskilled, but Strong: Her strength is ridiculous, but her technique focuses on brute strength.
"Well Done, Daughter!" Girl: This was her main motivation for a long time. Upon finally learning the true reasons for Arturia's rejection (Heroic Self-Depreciation) Mordred seems to be drifting back towards more knightly aspects.
Who Wears Short Shorts?: Her former civilian clothes: her Heroine X outfit's shorts extend to the top of her knees.
Woman Child: Essentially, thanks to her accelerated growth as a homunculus, she has the mind of a 5-year-old in the body of a 15-year-old.
Younger than She Looks: Due to the rapid growth homunculi possess. Unfortunately, it also generally shortens their lifespan.

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