History of Camelot
  • The sword Caliburn (called Caledvwlch by the Knights) was drawn from the stone by Arturia in roughly 517 A.D, thus marking the start of her reign.
  • The Battle of Camlann took place in the year 537 A.D.
  • Tentatively, the Knights of the Round Table all stem from the same continuity. Up to their deaths, they were part of the same timeline within Camelot. The only character who now carries that specific timeline is Sir Bedivere, as the only mortal survivor of the Battle of Camlann.
  • Heraldry did not see widespread, common use until the twelfth century and later on; but for the sake of Knights Doing Knightly Things, knights have the option to use their own heraldry and would have been granted the right to bear these heraldic arms within Camelot. (Except Sir Bedivere, who notably declined to bear heraldic arms throughout his tenure.)
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